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Escape the 9-5 and start living the mobile lifestyle. How? Simple. You will receive real-time day and swing trade alerts for the stocks we are trading via SMS text. It’s instant. When you become a member, you will begin receiving buy, stop loss and sell text alerts to your phone. Anywhere you bring your phone is an opportunity to profit, while following our stock trade alerts. Live your life, copy our trades and earn a completely passive income from the stock market.

Ever Wanted To Earn An Income Trading Without Worrying About Picking The Right Stocks?

We know the feeling. You spend hours learning the 'best' strategies to trade stocks.  

You know all the basic concepts. Buy low, sell high. Set your stop losses. Follow the trend. We know it all.


Then you carefully study a potential trade. The chart looks good, company news is positive and all the best analysts say it's a BUY.  

The time comes to place the order and you hesitate for a moment, making sure you followed everything you learned. Then, you finally click the buy button. It's done! There's nothing left to do but patiently wait and hope you made the right choice.  

I'm sorry to break it to you but statistically, you haven't.  

According to myriad of studies, 95% of traders are unprofitable.  

That's a hard reality to accept. After all, you did everything you were supposed to do! What went wrong?  


The reality is that being successful is a lot harder than it seems. It simply isn't as easy as following some basic trading advice and becoming a million dollar day trader.  

The best traders, the 5% who are actually earning money, spend their entire life studying and researching the market and fine tuning their strategy. Personally, I don't know any part-time trader who is profitable.  


Picking the right stocks to trade takes hours and hours of research. If it was as easy as the gurus preach wouldn't everyone already be millionaires?

Picking The Right Stocks Requires Hours Of Research And A Ton Of Experience

What if you had a team of experienced stock traders who are already profitable do all the work for you and clearly tell you which stocks to buy and which ones to avoid?  

What if you could skip all the years of trial and error and hundreds of thousands or dollars in losses and get access to hedge fund level research already available to you.  

That would be a game changer...Right?

Want To Know Exactly When To Buy A Stock Before It Explodes? Keep Reading...

To make money trading stocks you need to know

3 key points:

Which stock to BUY

At which PRICE  

When to SELL for profit or to prevent a loss

We keep things simple. We send out an alert for the exact stocks we buy and another one when we sell.


All you need to do is follow our alerts and keep all the profit for yourself. Here's how it works...

Receive Day and Swing Stock Trade Alerts Via SMS Text

You will receive a precise BUY range alert via SMS text message whenever we buy a new stock, in addition to our stop loss alerts to minimize downside and sell alert to maximize profits. Over 6+ years of research go behind our trading strategies. Each and every stock alert we trade must pass through extremely tough requirements. You’ll be getting the hottest in-play stocks that are breaking out of patterns. We focus heavily on volume analysis and aim to find bullish setups with all our stock trade alerts. No more guesswork! 90% of new followers said they became profitable in the first week of following our stock trade alerts. Follow our trades, keep all the profit, repeat.

Join Over 2600+ Traders Who Profit By Copying Our Stock Trade Alerts

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Hani Gittens


Get To Know Hani

Hani is a 24-year-old trader and Rotarian currently living in Orlando, Florida. Founder and CEO of HaniGittens.com, a multi-million dollar stock trade alert system geared towards providing you highly analyzed and precise trade alerts. Hani is a self-taught stock trader, whose mission is to help create an everlasting passive source of income for those who want to achieve financial freedom.


He began his journey into trading in 2012, and it quickly became an obsession. Losing a lot of money starting out, he developed his own system for making stable profits in the stock market by day and swing trading. He strategically turned $5,000 into over $320,000 in 8 months while giving back to his community through Rotary International. Now 6 years later, he demonstrates his trading abilities by providing you profitable alerts in real-time directly to your phone.  



Anyone Can Earn A Fantastic Income Trading Stocks. Our Job Is To Show You How

Taking this step into becoming financially aware of the opportunities out in the stock market but not having the proper time to do so? this has been my best investment of 2018 thus far. Due to the rate of his personal success, I trust in Hani to watch the market for me and make safe yet profitable decisions that can be directly alerted to my phone so that I'm never missing out on earnings. Whether you're a beginner looking to get into stocks or excelled but your schedule doesn't allow you to view the graphs to make real time decisions, this is the application for you!” 

—  Martha Beldor

5 Stars

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Are you ready to begin your journey to becoming a million dollar trader?

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This website is intended for educational purposes only. Nothing is a solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell securities. You are responsible for your own financial decisions.

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