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Hani Gittens helps over 2600+ traders in The United States and Canada. Hani is a 24-year-old trader and Rotarian currently living in Orlando, Florida. Founder and CEO of HaniGittens.com, a multi-million dollar stock trade alert system geared towards providing you highly analyzed and precise trade alerts. Hani is a self-taught stock trader, whose mission is to help create an everlasting passive source of income for those who want to achieve financial freedom. He began his journey into trading in 2012, and it quickly became an obsession. Losing a lot of money starting out, he developed his own system for making stable profits in the stock market by day and swing trading. He strategically turned $5,000 into over $320,000 in 8 months while giving back to his community through Rotary International. Now 6 years later, he demonstrates his trading abilities by providing you profitable alerts in real-time directly to your phone. 

We are an exclusive stock trade alerts service that brings our members profitable trade through SMS text. We mainly focus directly on high volatility small-cap day trading opportunities on the NASDAQ. As successful stock traders we understand your needs and wants to becoming financially free. We’re experts at analyzing stocks for both fundamental and technical aspects.

Hani Gittens will alert you on the exact stocks you should be playing, what price range you should enter your trade, stop loss, and what price point to sell and exit your trade. Each and every stock alert we trade must pass through extremely tough requirements. You’ll be getting only the hottest in-play stocks that are breaking out of patterns. We focus heavily on volume analysis and aim to find bullish setups with all our stock trade alerts.


Hani Gittens is well known for being one of the most highly accurate and consistent day and swing trading services. Our members range from traders who are just learning the ways of the stock market to very highly experienced stock traders who live big and trade full time. 

This website is intended for educational purposes only. Nothing is a solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell securities. You are responsible for your own financial decisions.

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